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WOW! [07 Jun 2004|05:51am]
captin planet is on!!! who knew? i havent seen this show since forever
captin planet, hes our hero!
the power is yours!
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[07 Jun 2004|04:39am]
hmmm... well. i cut my hair today! i was bored. more like an hour ago i cut my hair. i also made more than 75 chocolate chip cookies from scratch, with the help of eileen, for mary's birthday and her class. it was fun. i also watched smokey and the bandit. we've got a long way to go, and a short time to get there, were gonna do what they say cant be done! oh, bandit. i also got paint and stuff. i also finished a book. i also played video games. today was a productive but kinda pointless day... oh summer. lots of people are gone... and tomorrow i have to go to this lifeguarding thing from 5-9. shiiiiiit. i didnt sign up for this, why mother must you sign me up to do things like this??? PORQUE?? oh well. i like night much more than day for somme reason.. and sleeping in. hmm and in the last week i:
-saw shrek
-went to fentons more than one time
-went to molli's for a picnic
-leggos at natalie's house
-slept over at kate's
-went to cassi's + saw super size me
-kate slept over at my house
well, long post. i need to get out of this lifeguarding thing.. i can get by without ever having a job, right? RIGHT??? hahaha ok
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[31 May 2004|12:05pm]
has anybody seen my wallet, or cats cradle book, or that gold locket of mine with my initials on it? i shouldnt loose these things... hehe
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[25 May 2004|10:02pm]
summer. its so close! i love summer so much. i cant wait. in other news, im redoing my permit next week, training to become a lifeguard at some time in the near future, and that guy hasnt called me back. so i guess i didnt get the job. oh well, life goes on, somehow.
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[18 May 2004|10:02pm]
summer goals:
-get a job (please guy call me back you bad bad man!)
-get my permit (again, i let it expire)
-get my licence
-somehow, get to yosemite
-read lots of books
-get those paints
-decorate room, wow i put that off forever

ok, sounds good

and if anybodys mad at me, just say it to me now. i dont know here

half day/yearbook day/krispy kreme/hopefully sunny tomorrow! woot woot
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[09 May 2004|02:40am]
heh. i have been decorating my room! woo hoo!
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[09 May 2004|01:13am]
the complexities of this week have been complexly complexing. eh not really. but this week wasnt all so bad because on tuesday i had my last swimming practice and after a swimming partay, and my arms are still all "not hairy" looking. crazy swimmers, with their shaving. and on wed i got to leave school early. woot woot. than i skipped school to study for biology. har har, i really slept in, but i did study later. and even friday wasnt that bad, because ms. dodd made my day by saying somthing about i should go into ap art. woot woot! :) and yesterday i made cookies for my fam and played ping pong and made sure only i answered the phone. hahaha.. ha. today involved studying.. lots of studying. i hope i dont fail this goddamn test. maybe tennis tomorrow will 'clear my mind of all inpurities.' unless people are doing something tomorrow, i dont know if maybe cassi is having a study party, or if kit and katie and i are doing the religion project...? well holla. holla! obey me! hahaha! oh, and tomorrow is mothers day. i didnt get my mom anything, but she said that i should get her something next week so i can study and not go shopping. damn. i wanted to get out of this godforsaken house. i thought i had to go to some family event this weekend, but no. just biology to look forward to. only 3 weeks left of school! spring break 2003 WOO!
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[02 May 2004|04:01am]

Which Family Guy character are you?
yay for being stewie!
ooh, apparently i hide a deep dark secret. according to that thing. ok then....? crazies
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illinois nazis. i hate illinois nazis. [27 Apr 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

hmmm. stressful times for angela. and i almost never get stressed, as natalie and i have speculated. crap. well, today i at least skipped swimming and made brownies. yay! and they were really good. maybe this will mean that i cant go to the swim meet tomorrow, which means that i can take a nap or something. i dunno. well anyways, my mom and i were putting up curtains and pictures in my room, theyre so cute! i also need to find more pictures to put up on my wall... i need to stay home tomorrow! that would be "da bomb", as young people say these days. aww pookie is being so cute today, shes in a ball biting her foot. oh pookie, whaddamigonna do with ya?

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[25 Apr 2004|08:59pm]
well, confirmation weekend. actually, it was pretty cool. slept over at mollis. saw mi grammy! shes so cool. also i slept over at natalies. i had confirmation, the actual thing was boring, but the $300 and pretty gifts i got made up for it, hehe. also it was fun seeing my cousins and they are crazy, all you guys (molli, natalie, kate) that left early, you should have stayed. it was fun. today i went to tennis. it was so hot, but really fun. such a beautiful view up there. tomorrow: interview for a summer job. i hear this guy is an ass, but hopefully he will hire me. cherrio!
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[17 Apr 2004|01:01am]
[ mood | tired ]

molli's partay was supa fun. i mean, cmon, mini golf, kill bill 1 + 2 yo. haha kill bill 2 was really good. that kung fu guy with the beard? best ever. man he was cool. but it didnt have the whole "fountin of blood" thing, sigh. but everybody should see it. molli's cake was also really pretty. it was pink. and apparently there is a bio study thing at kit's tomorrow? well i guess i should sleep now.

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[09 Apr 2004|03:58pm]
well, so far spring break (2003 woo hoo!) has been really interesting, a lot of random stuff happened. here, ill make a list of the randomness:
-went to corpus christi for hot lunch cookies
-swim meet
-made brownies at kates with natalie there too
-samba! i taught them to samba!
-went to a really nice view near natalie's house. it was so pretty
-went to rc
-next day, went around montclair ~shudder~ because i was waiting for kate to get her cavity filled at the dentist. i tried on glasses for most of the time.
-went to molli's house, then to target. i got a bathing suit!
-fighting. arr not good.
-porky's pizza! woot woot and line dancing
-clancy's ice cream. god it is yummy. then we proceded to sit in the car for a really long time, listening to music and laughing and acting dumb. heyo
-we call in KFRC for dedications, and we got through! it was so cool. i forgot to say that the day before we heard 'summer in the city' and it was the best ive ever heard it. BUT we all couldnt remember how it went the next day, but then we remembered it in the car and decided to call in to hear it again. it was dedicated to cassi and 555 soul
-next day, today, molli natalie and i go to church. yes, bad times, though molli was really amused
-now im at home, going to decorate easter eggs soon. sorry for anybody that actually read this, im realizing its really long.
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[05 Apr 2004|02:11am]
wow. cleaning and reorganizing your room till the wee hours of the morn = not good. i just started putting stuff away, then throwing away all this stuff i didnt need, now im putting all my crap somewhere else. but, its fun. im a weirdo. something about listening to music helps my brain not realize im working
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[04 Apr 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

stuff i did this weekend
'got grades. eep
'went to natalie's house
'went to fentons
'saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. it was really cute and i liked it a lot
'pretended we were bums from ireland who ate shamrocks and leprechan meat while waiting for natalie's mom
'played mario land
'woke up too early
'andrew came over
'watched "clerks" and played scene it. which i unjustly lost because andrew cheated. i dont know how but he did
'left natalies house
'babysat some kids. we watched peter pan 2. then i watched most of school of rock which the people rented, but the people came back before i could finish. i made $32.
'gave andrew money back
'went to tennis
'took walk
'clean room
'paint nails
'it's now. typing this list. that who would read? but im typing as its happening. weird.

So i would say that a interesting but also very relaxed weekend. also, daylight saving time: damn you!

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how appropriate [31 Mar 2004|11:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

man, why are people in general really really weird? not like crazy weird, but "how does that make sense to you" weird. i just dont know. well, today was just bad, in general. hmm, i had a swim meet, it was ok. the other team was called the pirates, but they had patriotic everything ew. i was like wha wha whaaat? oh yeah, confusion at school, confusing but at the same time hilarious. odd combo........................................ oh yes. then i had to go to confirmation thingy. what a waste of life yo. hehe its funny when maggie johnson acts all spiritual. arr. good thing: i made myself tea today, and it was really good. i never liked tea that much but this kind was very yummy. my room is so messy. the kind where you have to jump around the piles of crap to get around the room. well, whachagonnado? i want it to be summer so i can go to twain harte. ah twain harte, so cool. spring break 2003 WOO HOO!

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[29 Mar 2004|01:13am]
la la la i finished my paper! woo hoo! funny thing is, now im not even tired. i feel like running around... or petting pookie. shes being so cute right now. :D and now, i know more about sloths than anybody i know. unless somebody just knows a lot about sloths. but from now on, consider me the local sloth expert. it would be cool to be a sloth. then i would probably be sleeping right now. they can sleep over twenty hours a day. so when people get mad at me for sleeping in too late, call me a sloth, not a bear! hehhee. what should i do? i know, ill go read. yo. whaaa... its a big book about SUVs. i didnt know twas possible', buuuut i hate those things even more now. weeiiird. man my late-night entries tend to go to the "coo-coo" side. a whale of a tale and its all true, i swear by my tatoo.
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woah is me, dude! [18 Mar 2004|11:15pm]
man, today was one of those times when ya get really annoyed at how stupid some people can be. ah well. school was school, then katie hawkins came to my house... arr.... and made fun of me. for being a "news geek". damn since when cant a person read cnn on the computer in peace, without getting harrased? but happpy birthday eileen! and swimming was nice, but the guy somehow thought i was good, so he put me in the hard lane, and i was all tired. bad news: i need to go bowling with the swim team.
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yipes [16 Mar 2004|10:51pm]
heyo. i have been grossly misinformed! i acidentally signed up for odowds swim team. ah well. at least im on junior varsity, on varsity is all those typical smimmers like jessica, who has been my enemy since i was soemthing like 9 years old. but i love swimming! i love da water, its so nice. but damn am i out of shape. oddly enough thouogh, i was not at all the slowest, weird considering i havent swam in 4 years. hehe, such is life. anywhooze, today school was boring, but after school i went to cassis and watched family guy, of course hellza funny. but i had to leave really quickly to get a bathing suit. we must finish! and cassi, andrew, and kate, everybody should coppy their notes. so should i. um interesting life, eh? oh crap, i forgot to say that i might not be able to go to banjo night! a small part of me dies... it all started when i have that interview for that summer job, with kids, aaand i need to swim, because im going to be teaching that, so i said id join this swim team that eileen was on, ahh how is it odowds? suprise suprise. i like how i dont even tryy to make sense here
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whats your favorite pants? [14 Mar 2004|11:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i always do an entry after the weekend. well, not always. but anywho, twas a fun weekend :) . on friday i went to natalie's house, with cassi and molli and kate and natalie. we went on a hike, and i was in a skirt so when we went in "off road mode", as i like to call it, i got scratches all over my legs, but no matter. then we all ran around. then diane took us to compadres, weird i say, then to home. yesterday we all went shopping at thrift town woot woot, and i got a shirt and 2 sunglasses (one says on the side: in a race with JESUS! im going to win, haha) and a wooden goblet, a pretty mirror/comb/brush old set thing, a purse, and thats it. i heart random stuff! then we saw startsky and hutch, funny yo, then we went to kates house. hilarity ensues. we tried to start games like "whats your favorite pants" , which ended in disaster! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! well then today my mom made me go to the pancake breakfast, boring, and natalie yes the halls are verry small, clastrophobicly small, then i went to tennis and it was funn yo, but all the really good older people were there, making me look bad. then i... sat around. took a shower. read a book. talked to people. ect.

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[09 Mar 2004|07:51pm]

i figured out something today, the amount of sun/prettines is proportional to the amount of angela happiness. its quite simple really, so i made a little equation.

                t   =          h



or t/cd=h, in which t = temperature, cd = cloud density, and h = happiness. as an example, lets have a cold day. its 50 degrees, and a 80% density. so h = 50/.8 . h = 62.5 . looks like on cold days, with lots of clouds, i earn a D in happiness. but when h = 80/ .2, i earn a 400 in happiness. wow. so im happy! yay. now really, im not that sad on not sunny days, sometimes theryre cool and great, but generalmente, this is a good guide. sooo what happened today? school was ok, then julia butterfly came, inspired me to be a hippie hehe but yeah she was hexta tight yo... then we (katie natalie molli cassi sarah) went to montclair, and i applied for a job! man if i had a job i would rule. money-wise, that is.

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