your mom (somethin_clever) wrote,
your mom

man, i love sick days. it gives me that time out of my busy schedule to contemplate the deep thoughts, ya know? like:
-i really love project runway. it is sooo good. i watched basically the entire season today, and the finale is going to be epic.
-tivo has really ruined my ability to watch regular tv. it wasnt working this morning, and i died a little inside. luckily we got it working again, so dont worry.
-i have been saying 'dude' way too often latley, and i have no idea why. for some reason it just creeped into my everyday conversation, and its bugging the crap out of me. actually, it only comes out when im under the influence of something, so at least im not that much of a jackass all the time.
-why is it so cold in my house? my downstairs is FREEZING. and i have to be in a sleeping bag at all times because my dad took away my space heater. fuck i hate the cold!
-there has got to be crack in those potato puffs, because there is no food more addictive. we just got them yesterday, and im already thinking about them puffs. damn french guy
anyways, im tired. also, im exited for the weekend. boo school
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