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ok, not that much has happened, except that school is killing me and everyone else around me. uuuuhh. haha, anyways, yesterday the boat got hit! a red car hit me, and then i started to chase after him because he was speeding away, but hte boat is way too old and decrepit to catch some rowdy drunken teenager. oh well. god i cant wait until summer. so, ill make a list about stuff thats good about summer.

-this song, for some reason, which reminded me of summer and is why im doing this list-y thing
-driving around with nothing to do
-smoking... a lot
-having nothing to worry about
-easy summer job (hopefully)
-watching those movies that youve been meaning to watch
-the fact that parents are gone until five every day
-listening to music
-its not cold!!!
-having random time to read books about people on drugs and other weird things
-having nothing to do
-not learning anything you dont want to learn
-having the sleep schedule of 3 to 3
-at twain harte, watching nightmare before christmas and other diney movies at least 20 times
-yay i can finally drive everyone around!
-going on hikes
-having a lot of stuff to do, and doing it all even though there's never enough money for anything
-laughing at those annoying people who try to take classes and do work so colleges will like them. god they're annoying
-i just really like summer

and feel free to add, and to anyone who speaks mexican, i could really use a letter that says why i want to volunteer in spanish.
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