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hmm i havent posted in a very long time, not counting when natalie showed how much i love brian crackow, aka creepster. well, mexico was really fun, but the details are too hard to remember. well not really, im just lazy. lots of tours and shopping, a really pretty wedding even though it rained and i was almost fainting (damn) and a lot of my cousin's friends and my aunts and uncles getting drunk... a lot. so yes, very amusing. also, twain harte was a lot of fun. we went to the beach and played golden eye most of the time, a recipe for fun. thats a lot of time with my extended family haha. and disneyland was a lot of fun too, except i got kinda sick. but i was sick from before, so... i dont know. and i just came home from kate's house, even though a lot of people are still there and sleeping over because my mom = nuts. oh, i also got my braces off! woot woot. tomorrow will be really fun seeing as ill be going to great america in the morning and natalie's birthday thing at night. what im not looking forward to: school. where did the summer go?!? hahaha. oh well. i still need to do my drivers training! i said i would get my license before summer ended. psh, so much for that idea. laziness gets in the way of all my plans!
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