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arrr. its goddamn one thirty and i have yet to start my stupid stupid, stupid philosophy of life paper and math project...sheet. in other news, im hella exited for summer, and prom. my lava lamp is really cool right now. i hope im not getting any D's. americas next top model season finale on wed, lets have a grilled cheese party! and also, recently i keep forgetting to zip up my fly when i put on my pants in the morning. ive been fine with the fly for eighteen years, but suddenly i keep forgetting. its happened like five times... its weird, and every time that it happens i think that im going crazy. i think i wont go to school first period tomorrow

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man, i love sick days. it gives me that time out of my busy schedule to contemplate the deep thoughts, ya know? like:
-i really love project runway. it is sooo good. i watched basically the entire season today, and the finale is going to be epic.
-tivo has really ruined my ability to watch regular tv. it wasnt working this morning, and i died a little inside. luckily we got it working again, so dont worry.
-i have been saying 'dude' way too often latley, and i have no idea why. for some reason it just creeped into my everyday conversation, and its bugging the crap out of me. actually, it only comes out when im under the influence of something, so at least im not that much of a jackass all the time.
-why is it so cold in my house? my downstairs is FREEZING. and i have to be in a sleeping bag at all times because my dad took away my space heater. fuck i hate the cold!
-there has got to be crack in those potato puffs, because there is no food more addictive. we just got them yesterday, and im already thinking about them puffs. damn french guy
anyways, im tired. also, im exited for the weekend. boo school

TGI Winter Olympics

man, the olympics are back, and with them my favorite spectator sport: curling. i love many things about curling, spastic broom people in particular, but my favorite thing about this noble sport is the fact that it is not a sport in any way shape or form. i bet they just picked these people off the streets, there's really no need for any talent or training. maybe a week or so, tops. i also like the fact that on the plane to italy, next to all the young, super in-shape athletes, there's a couple of middle-aged fat guys who have a great chance of getting an olympic gold medal. thats what i want to do with my life, be a curler. also, wanna go camping in yosemite over spring break cassi natalie molli

la la la

ug, ive never had more work and been less motivated in my lifetime. bring on second semester, so my laziness can blossom.

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ok. school and SATs are officially over, and summer's here! today was definitly a good first day of summer: other than those damn tests, we smoked, went to pasta pomodoro and acted retarded, and went on one of those jumpy things! those blow-up bounce houses, that is. we were all nervous about trying to go on it (there were MANY children), and this guy just walks up to us (wait, me natalie and cassi) and gives us free popcorn and then asks us if we want to go in the bounce house thing. it was probably the best thing ever to happen. but, tomorrow we go to santa cruz, which will also be very fun. man im exited for summer...
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ok, not that much has happened, except that school is killing me and everyone else around me. uuuuhh. haha, anyways, yesterday the boat got hit! a red car hit me, and then i started to chase after him because he was speeding away, but hte boat is way too old and decrepit to catch some rowdy drunken teenager. oh well. god i cant wait until summer. so, ill make a list about stuff thats good about summer.

-this song, for some reason, which reminded me of summer and is why im doing this list-y thing
-driving around with nothing to do
-smoking... a lot
-having nothing to worry about
-easy summer job (hopefully)
-watching those movies that youve been meaning to watch
-the fact that parents are gone until five every day
-listening to music
-its not cold!!!
-having random time to read books about people on drugs and other weird things
-having nothing to do
-not learning anything you dont want to learn
-having the sleep schedule of 3 to 3
-at twain harte, watching nightmare before christmas and other diney movies at least 20 times
-yay i can finally drive everyone around!
-going on hikes
-having a lot of stuff to do, and doing it all even though there's never enough money for anything
-laughing at those annoying people who try to take classes and do work so colleges will like them. god they're annoying
-i just really like summer

and feel free to add, and to anyone who speaks mexican, i could really use a letter that says why i want to volunteer in spanish.
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my new favorite game: putting a clippy on pookie's tail and watching her freak out like a crack head. she keeps running in circles. oh god its so funny..